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G.P.T : Group Of Palestinian Talents


2 Responses to Contact us ☎

  1. Nahed says:

    Hedaia, Fatema, Ahmad, Tha’er, Mahmod….
    Hello to all
    I’m very pleased with this site .. Especially as it includes many talents of concern to all young people in Palestine .. I present to you a great gratitude for this wonderful work, which I hope to continue to progress and prosperity
    I also hope that this site up to the light and knows all the talented people
    All love and respect to you
    Nahed Abu Armaneh – Rafah

    • Dear Nahed
      we are very glad to see your comment … and you words
      we are talented
      .So we have rights .. hopes … dreams …. we are seeking to achieve them
      we will prove ourselves… and we will continues this work…because it don’t just for me or for group of palestinian talens..but for any one have a talent…then the wolrd will see that we are great palestinian.& great .talented
      thnx alot dear

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